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Buldan cloth; Natural, authentic, cotton clothing, hajj and umrah clothes are organic natural fabrics that breathe cotton. Buldan cloth clothing and textile products production As HOROZLU BRAND Textile, Buldan Cloth Garment and Textile Products Manufacturing in 2008 in BULDAN with products made entirely of domestic BULDAN CLOTH. We started our activities with the brand.

Buldan, textile and weaving culture for thousands of years, the name of the offers today as in the past and handcraft products to Turkey and the world. With a young and dynamic team, with the inspiration we get from this deep-rooted past and weaving experiences, BULDAN BEZİ is an excited and curious way to contribute to the struggle of Buldan cloth to reach its deserved place in order to become a quality and contemporary brand with an international identity in the field of clothing. we have entered the world.

Buldan Cloth as a brand from Istanbul; We supported Yıldırım Beyazıt's journey to be a wedding dress for his daughter, a shirt for Young Osman, and a shawl for Barbaros with original and stylish designs suitable for today's conditions. Because we know that the condition of being permanent is 'change' and 'innovation'. The Capital of the World, ISTANBUL, the Capital of Textile BULDAN.